C) Loan commitment review

C) Loan commitment review

Finally received an approval? Try our Loan Commitment Review services.

Our dedicated consumer oriented team at MortgageGenius.com will carefully review your first and/or second mortgage loan commitment, and highlight all terms and conditions written into your commitment that are, in our opinion, unfavorable to you. In addition, MortgageGenius will not only highlight unfavorable terms and conditions, but also suggest practical strategies and solutions, specific to your situation, that you can choose from in order to: 1) negotiate a better deal, 2) switch to another lender , 3) switch to an alternative mortgage product, 4) make an all around well informed decision as to what financial expenses and responsibilities you are facing.

For a low fee until you are completely satisfied, MortgageGenius will:

1) carefully review your commitment.

2) provide a second opinion in a written report to you that will 

     a) highlight all terms and conditions that are unfavorable in our opinion 

     b) offer practical strategies and solutions that you can use as a better alternative (if there is a better practical alternative).

Save time and money and book your session with us below to have us review the documents and obtain our professional advice about your residential mortgage fees.

$125.00 per month

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