The Team

Mortgage professionals with over 30 years of residential mortgage financing experience. Our Managing Director is a CPA, and Senior Advisor.

Our Mission

MortgageGenius.com the place you can go to for objective residential mortgage financing advice. 

The sole purpose of MortgageGenius.com is to:

• Save you thousands of dollars by helping you eliminate the vagueness and anxiety found in the complexities of shopping for a mortgage

• Help you select the best type of mortgage

• Assist you with the responsibilities in maintaining a mortgage

• Show you how a mortgage can be used as a tool to help your monthly cash flow be as positive as possible

• To Guide, educate, and assist you as to the importance of mortgages and their selection as a financial tool

• Basically, to make sure no one is ripping you off!

MortgageGenius.com can help you save money. To start your way to savings, please review and select one or more of our mortgage advisory services right now. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!